Alpha Group is proud to have a dedicated and creative marketing team that comprises driven individuals who are eager to develop their skills and enhance their knowledge. This has created a friendly workplace for all of us. What more could we want? Clichéd as it may be, but we can't succeed without our team. We are like an extended family!

Given how important they are to us, we like to look after them!

At Alpha Group, we want to provide a positive work environment in which our team grows both personally and professionally. This includes training, personal development, family gathering, team building, and out-of-hour activities. When you join the Alpha Group team, you will become a part of a culture where our team's wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do.

We Create Tomorrow's Leaders

As a recruit at Alpha Group, you will undergo the required training program to enhance your skill sets. We have built our new-hire training process around accelerated learning. Right from day one, new joiners will be encouraged to give their inputs in Marketing Campaign Planning and get hands-on experience. This training will equip them with an in-depth knowledge of their company's duties, build confidence, and improve overall performance. As a part of Alpha Group team, you will learn all that it takes to catch the attention of an audience and produce maximum revenue.


By thinking and creating together, we combine our forces to give clients a better, more versatile solution. We deliberately maintain a collaborative environment where each team member's voice is heard, valued, and respected. When you work with us, you will notice that our team members will go beyond their way to make you feel comfortable and assist you.

Interactive events

We are firm believers of a family-like environment that has proven to drive better synergies between the people - both inside and outside the workplace. We have a ton of interactive events to encourage our marketing associates to stay connected on a deeper level. Our focus is on making sure that our people feel like one unit through fun and unique experiences. As a team, we have many team dinners, weekly team nights, Sunday afternoon hangouts, and many more. It is also an excellent way to help new hires get in the centre of action and feel like they are part of the team.